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Click on the "Document" icon to read each issue of the "Camphor Light," the church's bimonthly newsletter!  You will need to patiently wait for each file to open due to the photos and graphics. 

Title Description Document Listen
Camphor Light: October-November 2004 
Camphor Light: April-May 2004 
Camphor Light: Jan-Feb 2004 
Camphor Light: February 2005 
Camphor Light: January 2005 
Connectional Ministries PowerPoint  
Rev. Rookard's Ministry Resume 
Camphor Light: July-August 2005 
Camphor Light: November-December 2005 
Camphor Light: March-April 2005 
Camphor Light - Feb-March 2006 
2006 Church Calendar 
Letter to Camphor Friends 
EcoPhone Campaign Poster 
Mayor's Anti-Violence Rally 
Camphor Light - May 2006 
Press Release: Dozens Respond to Prayer Breakfast for Peace Invitation  
Press Release: Prayer Breakfast Is A Success  
Prayer Breakfast for Peace in Community 
Violence Conference Flyer - Black/White  
Flyer - Peace March  
Flyer - Conference - Color  
Press Release: Peace March  
VBS Registration forms 
Form for Camphor Light/Website News and Events  
Violence Conference Agends 
Camphor Light - Sept.-Oct. 2006 
Letter to Congregation re Survey: Making Disciples for Jesus Christ  
Instructions to Congregational Survey  
Congregational Survey: Church Vitality Indicator (8 pages)  
Flyer: Ace in the Hole's "R & B Jam"  
The Camphor Light - February 2007  
Flyer: Get on board the Glory Train!  
2007 Church Calendar  
Phila. Boys Choir flyer  
85th Anniversary Ads-Patrons Form  
Camphor Light - Weekly Edition: 9-9-07  
Camphor Light - Weekly Edition: 9-16-07  
Camphor Light - Weekly Edition: 9-23-07  
Camphor Light - Weekly Edition: 9-30-07  
Camphor Light - Weekly Edition: 10-7-07  
Camphor Light - Weekly Edition: 10-14-07  
Flyer: Free Market 2007  
Camphor Light - Weekly Edition: 10-21-07  
85th Anniversary Commemorative Gifts Order Form  
2008 Church Retreat Flyer  
2008 Church Retreat Registration Form  
The Camphor Light - February/March 2008  
YA Lenten Bible Study Lesson  
Camphor Light E-Mail Edition - April 6, 2008 
Worship Bulletin 9-7-2008 
The Camphor Light - Email Edition - September 12, 2010  
The Camphor Light - Email Edition - September 26, 2010